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An Insider Look at Client’s Behaviour with SEO Consultants

This list of problems can keep going on..
Because every client has different personalities. Even though client problems are inevitable, most of them can be tackled beforehand.

All you need to do is see beyond the obvious and figure out the issues in order to improve the existing practices, protocols, and operating procedures.

I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences encountered.

Here are the common challenges from clients and my suggestions to encourage SEO consultants to analyze and come up with their very best efforts.

Differing Expectations:

At the initiation of the project client expects consultants to raise their business, however they provide minimal requirements and expect huge results in return.

There will be number of inputs from the client’s side in the midway or whenever they remember any trends in particular. Hence, the end product may not be what the client actually had in their mind. This might lead to client dissatisfaction and conflict.

The Major Causes in difference of Opinions are Unreasonable client demands that are difficult to meet and Poor communication, assumptions, and lack of proper planning.

The Best Way to Deal is to:

  • Conducting frequent meetings with the client
  • Set up frequent meetings with client and have a better upfront communication.
  • Arrange a list of questions to ask the client at the beginning of each new project or consultation to clarify expectations.
  • Make clear notes on the minutes of meeting and get them reviewed by client and seek for any modifications. This will keep a record of the dates of any changes or new points added.
  • Frequently ask for feedback and approvals with the client at appropriate intervals. Don’t proceed with any design or development until the client approves it.

Unexpected Rankings Drops:

You can be managing a successful campaign, generating great results, witnessing great traffic increases, and enjoying a smooth relationship with an ecstatic client. All of a sudden, all that success comes crashing down. Sometimes this cause is technical, like a search engine algorithm change. Perhaps it is caused by a change in client direction – they might be experiencing budget issues or are in the midst of getting acquired.

You need to be able to rise to the occasion and pivot at a moment’s notice. For a search issue, have a protocol in place to investigate and rescue a rankings drop. For a client-side issue, identify ways you can support them through the transition and prove your value.

Thinking That It’s All Just a Numbers Game:

There are few things in life where quantity wins out over quality, and traffic from a well-built SEO strategy isn’t one of them. It’s incredibly frustrating when a client comes to you wanting to see nothing more than a boost in numbers. Yes, directing more traffic to their website is a big part of the picture, but it’s the quality of the traffic that lands there that matters more than the sheer number of visitors.

These are the types of clients that want to see immediate results, and a bump in traffic is a tangible way to measure the benefit of paying for SEO services. Hence need to educate clients that ranking is important, however positive reviews are equally important for the raise in SEO.

Client not Reachable:

Many times it’s noticed that few of the clients wouldn’t respond to our queries. Answer the mails, nor call back for the phone calls or messages left.

Also they advice certain decisions cannot be made by any other member in the company. Hence it’s a tedious task to catch with client, complete the query session and go forward with the developing process.

In such scenarios, try different modes of communication. Check if client available on social media, but be sure to message them privately, or use a meeting scheduling tool to invite them to talk at a time that works for them.

It is very important to document all these non availability and the attempts made to contact them. This will help later if clients complain any delay in providing the project.

Find Other Ways to Make Progress:

Even if you have to put one project on hold for a while, you might be able to continue getting good results for your client in other areas.

For instance, look for ways to re-promote or repurpose their old content while you’re not in a position to conclude. The client will most likely appreciate your initiative when they do get back to you.

Be Patient (Within Reason):

A quiet client may not actually have forgotten about your last email. They could just need some extra time to think about a decision. This is especially true if you’re working on a big, complex project or if you need approval from more than one person at the company.

It’s OK to follow up in situations like this. If you haven’t heard back from a client in a week or so, try sending a polite email to check up on where they are in the decision-making process. Ask if they need any more information that would help move the process along.

In the meantime, try to build up your roster enough that a slow week with one client doesn’t tank your agency’s overall productivity.

Summary :

Good SEO takes a team effort between agency and client. Without your clients’ help and participation, it’s hard (if not impossible) to reap the kind of results they’re looking for. But you do have some strategies at your disposal if a client falls off the map.

Keep your cool, follow up with them at reasonable intervals, and do whatever work you can in the meantime – even if that means switching your focus to different projects for a while.

With some patience and persistence, chances are good that you’ll be able to reconnect with even the most difficult-to-reach clients.

“Assess the requirements, Explore the opportunities and Implement the changes and Succeed – Sky is the limit”.

If you are a newbie and have some questions- ask me in the comments…

If you’re an expert- share your secrets with me in the comments…


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