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Key Benefits Of Employee Engagement in Your Workplace


Businesses around the world are failing miserably at creating an engaged workforce.

If you can keep your employees engaged and up to speed in the goings on within the company, then you are onto a winning track.

Employees that are engaged in their job and the company are 87% more likely to remain in their current employment. Given that staff turnover can be a big detriment to company growth you owe it to yourself and your business to ensure you prioritize internal engagement.

The good news is that companies can improve engagement by paying more attention to their employees. The great news is that doing so doesn’t have to involve spending large sums of money. Rather, leaders must act deliberately and thoughtfully. It won’t work to simply grab ideas from other companies without first making sure the practices fit into your own organization’s culture. Just because something works at Google doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

But how can you effectively improve employee engagement? Keep reading to find out.


Newsletters are an efficient, tried and tested way to drive employee engagement. By communicating with your employees, sharing information such as company news, updates and performance information, you will ensure people feel as though they are involved. Consider an email newsletter for more instant communication and the ability to track engagement metrics such as opens and click throughs.

By building that concept of togetherness, you will find people will automatically feel more engaged not only in their job but the company as a whole. Public relations matter, but the same also applies to private/internal relations.

Give Individual Attention

You can never beat the power of a good conversation. Whether you do it as a company meeting, small round tables, or just one on one chats, you can never underestimate the employee engagement boosting powers of face to face communication.

Sit down, listen to what your people have to say. Ask for their input and ideas, because often you will find they have very valuable things to say.

And the results help managers better understand their own communication styles and what motivates their teams.

Some preferences, however, appear to be almost universal. For many people, increased autonomy and responsibility in their jobs can lead to higher levels of engagement. Often, the flexibility to decide when and how they complete tasks also motivates them to do better work. Fortunately, many employers appear to be getting that right.


If you ever wonder how to improve employee engagement, one great way is to encourage people to get involved.

A lot of workers will have ideas and thoughts on matters across the business spectrum. Look to encourage people to speak up. Empower them to have a voice or create an anonymous system where people can raise ideas or subjects. Also invite employees to engage on social media and encourage employee-generated content. By encouraging your employees their level of involvement will rise.

Provide Training and Coaching

If you want to have employees that are engaged with their job, then make sure you do everything to let them succeed at doing it. This means offering training and education resources. When people know there is training available to them, they will feel more involved in the company and engagement levels will rise.

Listen to Employees

Effective leaders pay close attention to what workers have to say and then act on the feedback. That’s one of the reasons annual employee surveys are being increasingly replaced or augmented by quarterly or monthly pulse surveys and performance conversations are occurring more frequently. Not only does a comprehensive approach to listening help an organization pinpoint and quickly address problems, it makes people feel valued.

After reviewing employee feedback, company leaders determined that the problem could have been predicted and prevented. The organization now uses text analysis to monitor comments from line workers and detect potential problems.

 The Final Thought:

It does not take a lot to start improving employee engagement. Small steps now can lead to big changes in no time. The important thing is to stop asking how to drive employee engagement and to start doing it. It is important to remember that growing your business and your brand does not just mean looking outwards. Internal branding and marketing are just as important.

The “secret” to increasing employee engagement in the workplace is that there is no secret. As an employer, you would need to find ways to improve employee engagement at the workplace. These methods found must be tailored to the unique needs and motivations of each individual employee. To help you increase employee engagement, we decided to share a couple of our secrets on how to increase employee engagement at the workplace.

“Assess the requirements, Explore the opportunities and Implement the changes and Succeed – Sky is the limit”.

If, you are a newbie and have some questions- ask me in the comments…
If, you’re an expert- share your secrets with me in the comments…


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