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Essential Content Marketing Strategy You Need to Know for 2019.


In this era of information-driven era, customers request for factual and useful information to aid them in decision making process. The art and science about content marketing is sharing valuable information with target audience. Customers today are smart and intelligent. They know they have the rights to choose what information to receive, in what kind of format that information is in and whether to believe the content.

Content marketing is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

Most customers are tuned in and connected to the digital world all day because they are able to access to internet using their computers, laptops and mobile phones. Consumption of content online is becoming a common habit among online users.

Following are the ways content marketing can be implemented to achieve effective marketing strategy.

  • Localization

It is important for marketers to alter the contents to a way that they are culturally relevant and at the same time ensuring contents to be appropriate and accurate to maintain a consistent brand image. There are three main components in managing global content, which are people, company processes and system. All branches in different countries have to make all three to work together in order to create a clear and uncluttered brand image in each foreign office.

Localization always helps MNCs to survive and turn fruitful in countries other than home country. This is due to the difference in cultures, customers’ values and views.

Localization and translation make content effective for respective market and culture. The importance of having localized content is to make certain that message is in the language and form that local customers can understand.

  • Personalization

There are a growing number of customers who expect to have personalized customer experiences that reflects personal needs, attitudes and situations. They want to feel respected as individuals and they want to possess this feeling with a group of people.

They do not wish to feel like they are the odd ones in the community. With the help of digital technology, content marketers have the ability to fulfill their needs for “inclusive individuality”. Marketers are capable of creating personalized contents that are relevant to each and every consumer.

Digital allows marketers to create rich, attractive contents. Therefore, consumers’ heavy engagement in internet is beneficial for organizations. It is easier to influence perception and behavior of an engaged audience compared to those who do not pay attention to the content.

As the market evolves, a standardized, inflexible brand message can no longer affect customers because customers realize they are unique individuals with distinct demands. Personalized message makes a firm to stand out from numerous competitors in the market since the content is relevant to the audience.

  • Emotions:

One of the success indicators of content marketing is for the content marketing message to go viral. An article or video posted by a company is considered as successful if the number of clicks and shares are high. First of all, it is about how positive the message is. Positive message has a higher possibility to go viral compared to the negative one.

The second key to an effective content marketing is how much emotion the message incites. There is a higher chance that customers will act upon the content when the emotion is more extreme. It is proved that people will share or forward articles to their friends when they can relate to the message.

  • Diversification of Approach

In order to overcome the issue of content marketing overwhelm, marketers may try to use a diversified regimen. It can be tiring for content marketers to continuously come up with creative ideas and inspiring phrases to catch consumers’ attention. Sometimes marketers might be running out of ideas or customers are bored of the same voice.

Creating visuals to support contents improves conversion rates and increase the effectiveness of content. Besides that, inviting guests to provide content for newsletter, webinars, or blog can increase consumers’ anticipation. Also, marketers should identify a strategic partner with whom they can team up for educational seminars and other training opportunities.

Some marketers perform better when they are explaining concepts or sharing opinions in conversation. There are three ways to do so. First, marketers record and transcribe the file. Second, podcast is a good way for marketers to share great content and thoughts. Links are to be sent through email to audience. Marketers need to take note of an important point which is distributing the links to the right audience because wrong target audience might view it as irrelevant content and get irritated.

  • Co-Creation and Trust

Digital technology enables online users with similar interest to build their own communities globally and exchange ideas on goods and services. Second area is that firms encourage customers to participate in business operation because they want to have better understandings towards customers and create a sense of belonging in them. Some companies have taken this opportunity to get customers participate and turn them into partners and co-developers.

Customers tend to have more trust in companies that listen to their needs and ideas. The general idea of co-creation is to help organizations to create customer experience and improve connection with stakeholders. Besides that, social media and brand communities act as a platform for organizations to view customer conversations and analyze them. Customers who are intrinsically interested usually possess highest level of motivation.

Moreover, these consumers are relatively more creative and knowledgeable and enjoy the satisfaction brought by co-creation compared to other personality types. They are the ones who would actively take part in co-creation because they want others to recognize their expertise.

  • Ethical and Honesty

Sometimes the paid and owned media are not enough to attract customers, and audiences may be unresponsive to a hard sell. Marketers create attractive and creative contents and publish them on various platforms while customers have the freedom to choose to search and read.

Brand sponsors must provide full disclosure even though he believes that good native advertising is indistinguishable from editorial. “If your content is good, own it,”. Content marketer should never trick people to get their attention.

If morals and ethics are at the heart of a marketer, then disclosure and transparency are the veins and arteries that drive a business success. Marketers should make disclosures clear and visible to customers throughout the advertisement. Sponsorship must be as transparent as possible so that no misunderstandings or problems arise. Market products and services by telling lies, giving false statistics and covering the truth no longer works in today’s society. Ultimately, marketers should be relevant, authoritative and authentic.

  • Discussion

Content marketing is also known as story marketing. It is all about informing and persuading audience with solid content to raise awareness or change their perception about a brand. Better content can motivate customers to buy goods or services, transform them into loyal customers and even have them to spread the message to others. Content marketing also acts as a tactic to build and sustain relationships via publishing valuable contents to target audience. It enhances the purchasing process by adding values to customers.

Another advantage of content marketing strategy is giving companies an opportunity to position their products. Positioning is based on firm’s reputation in the market and its quality of goods and services. Marketers create and publish effective content which can help them to reinforce company’s positioning. Who would have ever guessed that the future of marketing is, in fact, not marketing at all, but publishing. Customers will not be satisfied with exaggeration or marketing gimmicks. Appropriate, valuable and rich content is needed to trigger purchasing behavior and influence buying habits.


Brands will now accomplish their marketing goals, not mainly through interruption media, but by creating and distributing the most valuable information on the planet for that particular niche. Content marketing has been introduced long time ago, however not many organizations engage in it back then. Nevertheless, it is becoming the new trend in marketing world lately due to the shift in consumer behaviors and technological aspects.

Customers realize the power of knowledge and information can lead to better purchasing decisions. Thus, they start to demand for more information. Moreover, they are getting smarter and smarter so marketers have no choice but to produce accurate and great contents because manipulation of information does not work in this digital age.

“Assess the requirements, Explore the opportunities and Implement the changes and Succeed – Sky is the limit”.

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