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Absolin's Journey

The story starts with 2 visionaries who were Inspired by Global Experiences, Fueled by Hard Work & Passion. Both wanted to stimulate economic growth by creating Skilled Jobs in a Jobless growing country vis-a-vis solving expansion challenges for Companies of all sizes.

Having a skillful team of developers, designers, consultants, managers, analysts, testers, and scientists, we assure you the long-term growth of your businesses using User-Centric designs, productivity optimizing techniques & boosting ROI's. We believe in Infinite Digital Possibilities. We leverage our skills, tools, creativity, technology, systems & services to create meaningful experiences that live at the intersection of Purpose & Innovation for our clients & their customers. At Absolin, we’re committed to using our skills to find ways to power prosperity, especially for those who need it most.

We fully grasp the transformative potential of the IT Experience. For Business-For Inspiring-For Everything.

Our Core Values


Absolin believes in accountability because at the end of day accountability matters. Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result.

Ongoing Learning

On-going learning is a basic in any Industry, At absolin we take it as a prime task to accomplish daily. It helps our employees grow and our company better.


Absolin puts a grain of boldness into everything it does. According to Absolin Boldness, the tech industry doesn't mean fearless; it means believing in infinite digital possibilities.


Leadership is about vision & responsibility. We believe every employee of our company to be a leader and help his fellow mates when they are in trouble.


As Leonardo da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". We believe in it truly. We provide our customers with simple solutions yet effective ones.


There is always a way to do things better, we must find it. Absolin encourages its employees to innovate for bettering themselves at work.

Now or Never

There's no next time it's now or never.

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Our Statement on Equality & Non-discrimination


Customer Obsession

We fall in Love with our customer's problems & provide details while delivering an experience with excellence.

Strong Together

Our founders believe "Working Together is Success", which we have embedded into our DNA & Culture.

Integrity & Courage

We do the right thing even when no one is keeping an eye on us. We are Bold in our Vision & Action.

" Every employee wants his/her voice to be heard and opinions to be considered. At Absolin every employee's opinion and suggestion matters. "

Ramesh Saragadam (CEO, Absolin)

Why Absolin ?

We believe in Infinite Digital Possibilities

Accelerate your Profits

Focus on your Revenue sources while we take care of your IT solutions. Less Time - More Work.

Automate Productively

Enhance your Digital Presence & run efficiently like Larger Corporations. Keep everything under control & where it belongs.

Controlled Growth

Know where your money is going & organize your income, expenses, payments, & invoices easily.

Coordinate & Collaborate

Organizing your teams will improve efficiency & promote a healthy work-life balance.

great words about absolin

Meet the people behind our Success

Employees First

I have always believed that "Customers will Love a company when it's Employees Love it First". Proud & Humble to note that more than 70% of our employees are working with us from the Origin.

I love working at Absolin

Time flies when you're having Fun. We work as a Family. Our office is not big so everybody is close. It's a great atmosphere to work in & our days go by quickly.
Aditya Chirravuri
Business Head/ Digital Marketing

Exploring New Frontiers

I have been working as a Sales Lead for 3 Years now. I appreciate the mentorship and Independence I get from the Management. Office atmosphere is Fun with great talented co-workers.
Harish Kumar
Operations Head

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