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More Money Saved

With Focus ERP you reduce billing errors, Take control of your small business bookkeeping with time-saving automation, invoicing, and remote access. Improve cash flow, get paid faster, and get more done.

Improved Productivity

Generating Reports, Monitoring Inventory levels, timesheet tracking and processing orders by our ERP have taken employees hours to accomplish a task. Bring the best out of your employees.

Hybrid Computing

With Focus ERP you reduce billing errors, Take control of your small business bookkeeping with time-saving automation, invoicing, and remote access. Improve cash flow, get paid faster, and get more done.
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CRM Integration

Focus ERP Enables you to manage all your customer and sales data in one platform. This integration makes it a flexible tool to accommodate companies working in multiple locations.
Security of data


Focus ERP is loaded with optimum security. It has a Single Sign On (SSO) feature which enables high end data security, compliant identity management & single login for all applications.
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Thin Client

Enjoy lower hardware costs. With minimal disruption during deployment, scalable modules, faster implementation & Mobile-ready system, you can speed up your Business performance.

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Industries Served

We are serving every Industry which is trying to make our world a better place.


Why Choose Us

We are creatively driven—and all our work is informed by our culture of collaboration.

Happier Customers

Our ERP are equipped with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool or can be easily integrated with one. With an ERP, your CRM has access to data across business functions to make their work easy.

Inventory Monitoring

With our ERP reporting you have tracking technologies which provide more accurate numbers. Users can configure custom KPIs to see which products move the fastest — showing greater demand — and which increase carrying costs.

Detailed Reports

Work Order reports in our software offers analytics for every single asset. You can be up to date with real-time reports. It also supplies many tools and resources to develop your reports and dashboards. Have Bird View of reports.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the most popular tool now a days. Our BI offers pre-built reports and dashboards. All ready to use with minimal personalisation. You can also use specialist Business Intelligence software and connect to your ERP.


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How does ERP fit with e-commerce ?

Focus ERP software is not an e-commerce application in itself. But the system provides access to its database for both reporting and accepting orders from the website through its API. It supports suppliers by providing inventory and order lists and customers by acceptance and reporting of Sales Order Status.

How difficult is it to upgrade to ERP software ?

When you sign SLA, Absolin offers all the software updates free of cost, which can be easily updated. Our clients get complete instructions about the updates and things-to-do online, through email or by electronic format. Apart from releasing updates, we also release new versions of ERP software with advanced functionalities. Our ERP software is available in both earlier and latest version at a differential cost. We assure data compatibility between versions.

What are the hidden costs of ERP ?

ERP software implementation is complex, multifaceted undertakings. So, even the best of deployment plans is bound to encounter some unexpected expenses along the way. Following are the most common latent costs associated with ERP implementation :

  1. Training 
  2. Integration
  3. Customization
  4. Data conversion
  5. Implementation

The costs depend on the 

What is ERP?

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning” and refers to software and systems used to plan and manage all the core supply chain, manufacturing, services, financial and other processes of an organization.

How Focus ERP can help you?

Absolin is collaborated with Focus Softnet and it is successful in 3rd party integrations. Focus Softnet, performs business process study of the application to be integrated, and designs the connectors that enables the flow of data. We have technical know-how and expertise to handle simple to complex integrations. 

Will ERP be 100% fit for my business?

No ERP can fit 100% for a particular business or company. However, the customization available through external module integration called Application Programming interfaces (API) would allow FOCUS ERP to fit to the way you do business. Focus Softnet conducts a detailed study of client requirements to determine the customization required to be deployed within FOCUS ERP to offer a complete solution which will enable the clients to run their business with their standard operating methods.

A New Kind of Leadership

Your Idea. We Process them using Design Thinking.


System Requirement Study(SRS)

A documentation process which captures existing modules & its functionality that is being followed by the client.


Designing and Development

Design and development of the application based on document and recommendations suggested during the SRS process.


User Acceptance Test

Let our users verify the business, data flow & other functionalities like print layouts & custom reports.



We train the end users. Every user is trainedas per his ERP profile. Once the training certification is approved by the users, we make it live.



After successful training, we Go-Live with the application. This is when the support team of ERP is activated & each query from the end users are routed to the support team of Absolin.

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