Supply Chain Management

We enable Fast & Fact based decision making

Adopt Analytically driven Supply Chain Strategies to minimize risk impacts.

Supply Chain Management

#1 Pocket Friendly Supply Chain Management Software in India

Order Management

Seamlessly create orders and bill to your clients from one location, making your life as easy as possible.

Inventory Management

We help you optimize data and notify you when inventory transfers happen, allowing to make the right decisions.

Seamless Integration

Our Software presents real-time information & streamlining everything from the supplier to customer.

Warehouse Management

Our SCM software allows companies to process orders from various locations, ensuring needs are met in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Logistics and Transportation

Our Software helps you manage fuel costs and abide by federal rules and regulations. Also reduces Operational costs and kinks in the supply chain.


Anticipate Customer demand and plan resources and production accordingly with our Software. It helps you manage goods, thus reducing costs and inventory space.

Have and END-to-END Supply Chain Visibility.

Superior Supply Chain products don't just push Products, they advance their Business purpose by investing in Customer Value. With Absolin, you can now manage them all like a pro!

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Nearly a third (31%) of production processes now incorporate smart devices and embedded intelligence.

Additionally, 34% of manufacturers have plans to incorporate IoT technology into their processes

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