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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is a procedure where a pentester hacks a web application to uncover vulnerabilities in the app. The process is more time-consuming than a source code review because it includes several stages. First, the pentester performs reconnaissance against the target application through a set of user tests and runs a web scanner to find entry points. After that, he or she exploits vulnerabilities trying to escalate privileges to the administrative level. Depending on the complexity of the web application, the procedure may take from 20 to 400 hours.
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Source Code Review

Source code security analysis (source code review) is the examination of an application source code to find errors overlooked in the initial development phase. A tester launches a code analyzer that scans line-by-line the code of an application. Once the analyzer, deployed in a testing environment, finds vulnerabilities, the pentester manually checks them to eliminate false positives. The amount of time a tester spends on source code review varies with the programming language and the size of the application. For example, 1000 lines of code may take 0.5 – 2 hours to analyze.
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Data Forensics

Data forensics, also know as computer forensics, refers to the study or investigation of digital data and how it is created and used. Data forensics is a broad term, as data forensics encompasses identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing, and presenting attributes of digital information. In regards to data recovery, data forensics can be conducted on mobile devices, computers, servers, and any other storage device. Data forensics can also be used in instances involving the tracking of phone calls, texts, or emails traveling through a network.
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