Ware House Management

Modernise Inventory & Order-fulfilment Ops

See notable gain in warehouse Accuracy, labour Productivity & Efficiency while Nullifying Inventory Risk.​

WareHouse Management

#1 Trusted Warehouse Management Software in India

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Enjoy real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory control and supply chain management measures, including Inventory trends, Stock on Order & Supplier On-Time performance.

Inventory & Order Fulfillment for Distributors

Now save countless hours of work right from data entry till fulfilment. Easily convert leads to orders, orders to shipments & shipments to revenue.


Absolin lets you move from manual to paper-based purchasing with lower cost & higher control on automated purchasing. Streamlining this will add more money to your bottom line.

One System for Your Entire Company

Eliminate IT costs and concerns associated with maintaining and upgrading separate applications.

Resource Optimization

Reduce Costs by eliminating unnecessary put away and help warehouse staff to manage all their tasks electronically.

Flow of Inventory

You can leverage on our automation system to manage workflow from Inbound till Outbound without an error.

Paperless Process of Inventory Transfer (Warehouse to Warehouse)

With web-enabled and mobile-friendly application it saves time, efforts and promotes real-time tracking of goods.


It's that easy

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MIT Sloan Management Review article says that over 20% of more than 3000 businesses think costs outweighed projected benefits.

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