Human Resource Management

Organizational structure is key to success in 2021

Absolin-HRMS manages human resources & related processes throughout the employee lifecycle.

Human Resource Management

#1 Trusted Human Resource Management Software in India

Resource Training and Planning

Develop, administer and supervise employee training programs. Generate resource plans with budgets based on departments, positions, locations or projects.

Complete HR Management

With Absolin's HR management you can solve all HR roadblocks. It seamlessly integrates with our existing ERP to deliver you with smooth experience.

Real-time Reports

Attendance, late, OT, pay sheet, bonus, PF What not.. Generate detailed summary of every report you wish to view.

Online Recruitment

Integrate HR module with Online Recruitment portals for quick and improved screening.

Manage Payroll

Automate payroll management with custom components, each with parameters and restrictions set by the users.

Structure and Organize- WorkFlows

Define hierarchies, workflows and view respective departments in a multi-level format. Auto populate your Organization seamlessly.

Your Employees are at the Core of your companies Success.

Confirmation Workflows, Employee Transfers & Role Change Management, Configurable Exit, Workflows Organization Specific Workflow Builder, Custom Multi-Stakeholder Workflows and more!

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