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Biometric integration

Core Technology

We build our Enterprise software on an adaptable architecture & a unified data core, creating intuitive experiences that your Employees would Love.

Competitive Pricing

Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, we’re realistic about our pricing structures. Our affordable plans will help you to level up your HCM functions to cultivate a happier workplace.

Customer Service

Our obsession is to please our customers through every touchpoint and every interaction, it is the most important contribution to our success.

Absolin's Technology Vision 2021

People First

Winners in the digital economy will opt & execute People First Strategy. What are you waiting for?

Workforce Management

Manage Employee Lifecycle from Onboarding to Exit 

confirm employees

Confirm Employees





Employee management

Time & Attendance





Shift rotations.

Shift Rotations

Biometric integration

Biometric Integration

Whether your Organization has 20 or 20K Employees, Absolin HCM does the job.

Organization Management

Be a pro at Core HR processes which include Organization structuring, Organization Functions across Multiple locations anywhere on the Globe, Head-count planning, Paperless Digital Signatures with approval flow & many more possibilities

Employee Relations

Define your Employee profiles with limitless configuration controls, Auto-generate HR documents, Manage Time in Real-Time, Contactless Geotagging Attendance, Timesheets integrated with Projects, & Infinite solutions


Remote Workflows with anywhere check-in option, Hire & Onboard virtually, Integrated Ticketing system for Best employee services, Helpdesk, Work Approval Flow, SOPs & more

Payroll & Expenses

No more sleepless nights working on payroll tax administration, complex calculations, and juggling compliance forms.

declare investments

Declare Investments

salary structure

Salary Structure

Resume folder-rafiki

Pay Reimbursements

Resume folder-bro

Manage Employee Loans


Challans & Returns

challans returns

Complaint Challans & deductions



Compatible with Financial Tools

Optimize Talent, Time and Energy of your Employees.

Cloud based Payroll Software

Absolin’s cloud-based HCM software benefits from the ability to draw on information from multiple sources. Configure Pay scales with great control and the least hassle.

Pro in Reports

Design your own Pay slip format. Calculate CTC just like you want. 100% statutory compliant Payroll system Download Custom reports. Our tool provides Actionable insights with Trend Analysis.

Better Insights

Smart Expense filing with 3rd party Integrations. Automated Spend approvals with Custom workflows, Transparency for Employees & Finance teams on Reimbursements.

TALENT Management

Source Better Talent for Better Results

goal setting

Goal Setting

continuous feedback

Continues Feedback

one on one meeting

1-O-1 Meetings




360’ Feedback




Nominee System



Build a rich pipeline of top Talented candidates to take your Business to the Next Level.

Talent Acquisition

Manage all kinds of recruitment channels with single page Collective sourcing & find diverse talent Locally and Globally and onboard them like a pro.

Clever Requisition

Clever requisition process to speed up replacement hiring. Schedule Interviews, capture feedbacks & create a unified candidate experience.

Talent Management

Build connections across employees. Manage performance & make skill-based talent decisions. Align employee goals to their objectives.


You take care of your Business, We'll take care of your People.


Automate HR Workflows

policy additions

Policy Additions


Time-Off Tracking

one click report

One Click Reporting

Good Design makes a Product Understandable.

Benchmark Reporting System

Approve Employee time-off with One Click. Bring peer benchmarks, budgets, third-party data, workforce & financial transactions, and more to one reporting dashboard.

Actionable Insights

Detect Patterns, Search through millions of data points & materialize insights. Get actionable insights, superior user experience, scalability, a sense of community, and everything you need.

Predictive Analysis

Dig deeper into any insights through predictive analytics to uncover what’s driving a trend. Do mood surveys through Forms or your Enterprise owned Social media platforms.


Evolve & Win
the Talent Game

Evolve | the Talent Game

Acquire right talent

Acquire the Right Talent

Organizations seeking the best talent should be employed & have a customer-centric approach to talent acquisition that emphasizes effective candidate management. Absolin HCM does it for you in an effective way to align your employees to your business goals and priorities.
Acquire Right talent

Manage your Talent

Maximize the value of employees with Absolin HCM. Have a rapid talent allocation to move talent across strategic priorities. Get positive employee experience & a Strategic HR team. Helps your company drive innovation & decreases the turnover of your employees.
Optimizing talent

Optimize Talent

Measure your employee's data & analyze that data. Create and evolve people strategy. Help HRs to get data insights to hire top talent and build high-performance teams. Use employee data to drive important employee-oriented activities.


To Thrive In Business Today, You’ll Need a Good Plan

What is Absolin HCM Software?

Human capital management (HCM) relates to people resource management. You may come across it in both a technology environment and relating to business strategies. Absolin HCM predominantly focuses on people and includes the everyday administrative tasks of HR, with the added caveat of workforce development, reward, etc.

What is the difference between HCM / HRIS / HRMS/ ERM?

HCM traditionally refers to a function; HRIS is an HR information system and HRMS an HR management system. Over time these three terms have become increasingly interchangeable with the extensive software available. ERM is a newer term, and one that XCD focuses its development on. It goes over and above standard HRIS and HRMS software by helping employers build stronger relationships with their people.

How does Employee Relationship Management help?

Employee Relationship Management is a solution that allows employers to build better relationships with their people, improving communication and business processes to develop more effective working relationships and achieve business objectives.

What are the features of Absolin HCM software?

A full suite of HCM software that comprises functionality to manage HR processes and data management. This would include employee and manager self-service and employee relationship management, performance management, leave, time and absence, expenses, learning and development, recruitment, and complete reporting functionalities.

Should I pick this cloud-based software?

Yes! Absolin’s cloud-based HCM software benefits from the ability to draw on information from multiple sources. What this means is that employees can sign in to a self-service portal to update their information and even input expenses on the go, offering an all-in-one aspect.

Absolin HCM is a single solution HR and Payroll software?

In a truly single solution system, the information required for reporting and analytics is contained within a single source. This means the quicker and simpler running of reports and removing the need for different data sets to be combined, therefore reducing the risk of human error creeping into information processing.

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