Essential Tips for Powerful Team Building


Essential Tips for Powerful Team Building


After all, your team having low morale can lead to decreased productivity, poor cooperation and they will be less likely to work together as a team. And since team morale can be the be all and end all of a business it is important that you make sure you are always keeping a close watch on your team and perhaps try out some of these strategies and tactics that will help boost team morale.

3 Categories for team building exercises

There are 3 main categories of team building exercises that we can focus on. They consist of activities that build communication, promote problem solving and decision making, encourage adaptability and the ability to plan, work to build trust, and develop a cooperative spirit. The team building exercises that promote these various skills are meant to be enjoyable and instructional.


One of the first ways team building activities creates higher levels of productivity is through open lines of communication. While employees work with each other on a daily basis, they likely don’t communicate as well as they should. Communication is key to the success of any business. Forbes claims communication is one of the most important skills of today, and that businesses need to make it a priority in the modern age.

By working together as a team on an activity that isn’t bound by the pressures of the workplace, it’s easy to communicate freely. When planning activities for your team, encourage team members to speak openly with each other. Create a safe space for talking about problems in the workplace without worrying about repercussions. The more open the lines of communication are, the more positive your workplace will become!


One of the most unexpected benefits of team building activities is learning more about your team and your business. You likely have strengths and weaknesses as a business that might not be apparent in your day to day practice. If you take a moment to step away from your normal routine and examine the areas you can improve, you’ll be able to identify your best strengths and weaknesses.

These activities can also identify strengths and weaknesses on a team level. You’ll notice individual star players who succeed in communicating and performance while you’ll notice others who struggle behind. This might show you areas where you can improve your own leadership, and who might deserve greater responsibility within your business.


Group activities are a great way to boost creativity. When you’re working on the same projects every day in the same way, it’s easy to fall into a routine. As a business, you need to always work on ways to creatively solve problems by pushing your team from their comfort zone to solve new problems and see things in a different light.

As a business, you should encourage your employees to be creative. Some business leaders think creativity is less important than productivity.

Engineering good teamwork comes with time, effort and the right management structure. Setting the right environment for your team to flourish will reap bountiful results. So, what is the key to this?

Our top tips for successful team building:

– The team needs to understand the goals of the task. So, set the mission and purpose clearly so everyone understands. Clear expectations will allow for goals and outcomes to be achieved.

– Create an environment where everyone is comfortable to communicate and take action.

– Set the rules for communication. Advocate openness, honesty and respect.

– Help your team to trust each other by making them feel comfortable. Encourage everyone to ask questions, it will help clarity.

– Create a sense of belonging. If a team establishes their relationship guidelines then they will work together coherently and happily.

– Realise that everyone is unique and different, has a point of view and an opinion. Take advantage of the differences in your team, after all a team should be made up of a balance of different skills and it is these skills that will work together to create a pleasing final outcome to a project.

– Think about team building exercises and motivational events that will bond everyone together, a day at the races, a murder mystery night or a cocktail making session can all provide a relaxed environment that will allow conversation to flow and everyone to bond. Once the team have bonded and become friends outside of the office environment, they will be more willing to help and nurture each other in the workplace.

– Choose a professional company who can design a strategy for this by setting tasks and games for them to play. Identify the strengths and weaknesses in the group and use other methods of team building to enhance and improve these.

Final Thought:

The team Building activities are mainly designed for employees to polish their hidden genius and to decorate their creativity. Team members will find that useful communication skills, full dedication towards work, and work are their assets as well as are the important keys to success. It’s essential you have a productive, happy environment for your employees. When teams feel like their leaders care about the environment, they’re more willing to put in their best effort every day!

“Assess the requirements, Explore the opportunities and Implement the changes and Succeed – Sky is the limit”.

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