Getting Smart with Latest Training Tips of SEO


Getting Smart with Latest Training Tips of SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques and processes aimed at helping a website to rank better for different search terms (keywords) in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

There’s nothing like learning about SEO and what you can do with it. Only with accumulated knowledge and practice can you improve your SEO.

SEO Training Tips

When you’re studying a training course, it’s best to proceed through from the beginning to the end and not skip to your favorite sections.

The reason we say this is because each section builds on the previous one, so skipping ahead is likely to only confuse you. You’ll also not be able to take useful lessons from earlier parts of the training and apply them to get a greater understanding of a later stage that you jumped forward on.

SEO Types:
SEO broadly speaking falls into three camps:

  • White hat SEO
  • Grey hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO

Within those camps, there are degrees of them. Also, the definitions are not fixed in stone, so one person can call what they’re doing ‘white hat’ and another person doing the same thing could call it ‘grey hat’. There are many institutes of digital marketing training, they provide different types of SEO training. There’s no clear dividing line or even a consensus to provide clarity either.

White Hat SEO:

White hat SEO to some people means no attempt at link building at all. Zero promotion. For instance, this group cried foul when Matthew Woodward created his “no link building” campaign for his (then new) site and posting regularly to multiple forums linking back to his site. Surely, that is link building, they argued. What he meant was no buying of links.

For people who are fine with building links but not buying them, they often still consider this white hat. The thinking here is that they haven’t paid for private blog network links or social share links or other artificial links created because they’ve paid for them. As such, they feel it’s white hat.

It’s a personal opinion where you stand if you’re aiming to be white hat. For the pure white SEO, it means never building any links whatsoever and leaving a site to rank based on the merits of its on-page SEO and content, only. However, for others, that means leaving too much money on the table.

Grey Hat SEO:

Grey hat SEO is everything in between. It usually requires building links, paying for the links in the form of a sponsored post or buying PBN links. There are degrees of grey hat SEO depending on what risk you’re comfortable taking in the pursuit of higher ranking, greater traffic and revenue.

Black Hat SEO:

Black hat SEO involves actions that could be considered either deceptive or illegal.

For instance, some torrent sites offering magnet links to a movie will deceptively link on the first page load to a spammy site or one where they’re mining coins for crypto without telling the visitor.

Black hat can also include hacking into a website to add links and content. This can be done to redirect the traffic to their own site or to change the affiliate links to earn commission or ad revenue from a site’s traffic they do not own.


SEO is split into On-page and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO includes a number of elements which can be considered best practice with a website. This includes linking between pages, putting in relevant titles and keyword-optimized headings for each section of an article.

Off-page SEO includes things like inbound links, social signals and social sharing, local citations and more.

What Do People Consider SEO?

The most SEO companies, consider SEO to mean getting links to rank higher in Google. Pure and simple.

The practice of SEO mostly revolves around getting links to your web site, pages and posts on the site, to achieve the higher ranking.

Do Follow vs No Follow Links

For inbound links, there are do follow and no follow links.

Do follow links mean that the inbound link carries some link juice from the originating site to your site. If they are respected, you site is too.

A no follow link requires a special code to be included within the link code that the web browser reads. This code tells Google to disregard the value of the link pointing at your website. There is a theory that no follow links are disregarded by Google and do not count. For instance, should a no follow link originate from CNN, does it have no value, really?

Link Diversity and Anchor Link Diversity

With anchor text, opinions vary on how well optimized the text used in the link should be as a match to the targeted keywords. Only a few percentage points, is usually recommended and no more.

Other links should use branded (the name of the site), the URL, naked URL and other alternatives. The idea is to make links look at natural and unforced as possible. It does take more links when using a smaller anchor text percentage for a target keyword, but it avoids getting a penalty for unnatural link profiles.

What Different Types of Links Are There?

There are different links worth considering. The list is not exhaustive:

  • Forum –Links from a discussion forum. Best when covering the same niche or industry.
  • Peer – Links from a peer that operates in the same niche/industry.
  • PBN – Reconstructed site with a link that borrows off previous high authority and trust.
  • Social – Link from a social media site.
  • Web 2.0 – Link from a Web 2.0 site like Ezine articles.
  • Blog – Link either from author bio, inline link within a guest post or as a blog comment below the article.

Types of SEO Services Offered by the Digital Industry:

The Digital marketing industry has units that comprehensively offer SEO services. Every business today is striving to mark its online presence as an attempt to capture their own set of Digital consumers. Let us take a look at some types of SEO services offered by the digital industry today.

Keyword Search

Many companies today outsource their SEO task of searching relevant keywords according to the theme of the business. The digital marketing companies employ SEO specialists to make keyword searches for their clients as per their needs.

If you are a firm that is striving to mark its digital presence and have been blogging on your SEO strategy, a keyword is an important element to be taken care of. In the absence of efficient resources, it is suggested that you avail SEO services from these digital marketing agencies or a hardcore SEO agency.

Creation of Landing Pages

The pages you redirect your audience to must not be misleading as that will reduce the credibility of your site. Thus, it must be noted that landing pages occupy an important position in the SEO of a website. To perform the task of creating the landing pages effectively, you can always take help of the agencies providing SEO services.

Page Optimization

There arises the need for page optimization from time to time in order to increase the search engine ranking for that page. Thus, page optimization must be considered every now and then.

Technical Audit

A technical audit is a task that requires in-depth programming knowledge. A company may or not have such talent amongst their resources but that must not hold them back from having their website audited. your website needs a technical audit because Google and other search engines are computers and they need assistance in understanding your site. An SEO service provider who is aware of the overall functioning of Google’s algorithms must be handed over this task.

How to Do Well with SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization works by getting better quality links than other websites offering the same goods or services or basic information. More links isn’t better unless they’re deemed higher quality. A site can have fewer links that are top quality and do better in the results for keywords. Links are a kind of primitive voting system. But they still work today. The site with the better links usually wins, all other things being equal.


This was all about the types of SEO, types of Keywords in SEO and types of SEO services offered by the digital industry.

Hopefully, now that you know the real difference between White Hat, Black Hat & Gray Hat SEO techniques, you can now execute optimal SEO strategy to improve your site’s search ranking.

“Assess the requirements, Explore the opportunities and Implement the changes and Succeed – Sky is the limit”.

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