Benefits of Paperless On boarding with Cloud-Based Payroll Software

Online document management enables paperless HR

Happy and complete on-boarding processes create happy and productive employees. Every organization is different and so are their on-boarding processes. But the one, common thing is that it involves dozens of methodical now we will discuss how paperless on boarding can be the solution to create easy yet effective On-boarding processes.

Saves time

Now imagine the new joinee walking into a new office, the first day and the HR comes out and hands over pages and pages of documents to be read through and signed. I am sure after some pages they won’t be even bothered reading the headlines of the paper and sign it where required. Making this very same process paperless gives an opportunity to make it more interactive rather than the boring paper signatures.

Intuitive user experience

It’ll be pointless to not talk about user experience if you go paperless for on-boarding you can bring in life to the entire on boarding process by giving the perfect user experience to the employees. Good UI in itself does half the job or making the experience go easy on eyes and UX makes the entire experience go seamlessly.

Saves Money

It’s not just the paper that you save but a lot more than that and not compromising on the documents that have to be stored with employee records. Not to forget the cost involved in printing and the rest of stationery required. Paperless office can also stand as good example for the logo save trees.

Electronic signatures

No more chasing lost forms or missing signatures. Simply get your on boarding forms and documents E-signed with Sign Easy Integration. It’s safe and fast.

Safe & Secure

With the hard copies and the paperwork, the most important aspect that comes into the picture is that how and where to store the same. Papers get lost and misplaced very easily. All these factors can be very well taken care of when things go online and be rest assured and can easily find them whenever we require documents.

   “I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business” – Richard Branson

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