Insider tips to select Best CRM to your company that fits all your needs


Insider tips to select Best CRM to your company that fits all your needs

4 Important Add-ons for Best CRM

When we are about to have a decision of buying CRM (customer Relationship Management), it’s always recommended the application should be CLOUD BASED.

Now the question arises WHY??

The answer is very simple if it’s cloud-based applications integrate much better with each other. Changes can be made in one place, rather than in hundreds of thousands of separate installations. Updates are quicker. The tools are more consistent.

The best CRM systems offer applications and tools to help programmers to easily access data safe and secure.

Here we go with so important Add-ons in CRM application to make it smarter!!


When a customer calls, you want to make sure you have everything about them at your fingertips. A good CRM will always be tracking activities, emails, and notes. But what about order history? Open invoices? Products bought?

That’s why it’s preferable to integrate the CRM systems with the accounting systems. A good add-on will allow you to synchronize contact information and view a history of transactions. Some even let you create orders or invoices in the CRM system and then port it over to the accounting database. You’ll do less double entry and you’ll have all the information you need about a customer in real time.

E-mail marketing

Your CRM database is where all of your marketing and communications begin. An e-mail service is a tool that should use this data to help you get your message out there to the masses, and then track that message with good analytics.

Mobile Integration

Many of today’s phone systems are cloud-based, which has made this type of integration much easier. With a few minutes of simple setup, you’ll be able to make calls faster and keep better track of your company’s calling activity.

Data Integration

Back in days using of many applications can be a major problem for integration of data but Today….not so much.

Now there are powerful tools that you can use that are automatically configured to read the tables of your CRM system, and which can then enable you to read and write data in and out of both systems.


Your CRM system is just a database. But it’s a critical database that’s storing information about everyone that comes in touch with your business. choose to use powerful add-ons like the ones we have described above to leverage this data.

Never reduce a target. Instead, increase actions!
– Grant Cardone

If you are a newbie and have some questions- ask me in the comments…

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